Welcome! I’m Cecilia (more informally known as Ceci), a California girl who moved to South Louisiana all for the name of love and my current dream job.

Ceci. First Starbucks. Seattle 6.11.14


I love all things God, husband, family, psychology, paleo, pilates, beach, and traveling. Oh yes, and food. I am emphatically passionate about food! Hater of all things doing laundry and paying student debt. My happy places are Saturday morning dates with my mister, baking in my little kitchen and Target. You will most likely find me with a delish cup of joe in my hand while enjoying conversations with friends or while running errands. I am indeed a coffee lover by all means. Hence, the blog name. My thought is that we all hustle every day with busy lives, but there is beauty and simplicity when connecting with others and loving life over coffee. 

photo (3)

I am very passionate about being a great wife to my amazing mister. We met in January 2012 in Northern California. He and a mutual friend were visiting California while I was visiting family in the same area, and our mutual friend decided to play matchmaker…and well, I’m happy to say he was successful! We did the “long-distance-relationship-thing” as I was in SoCal in my last stretch of grad school and he was in Louisiana (not a recommendation due to my sleepless nights, but makes for great memories). I graduated with my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and moved to the South for a great job, and, of course, to be close to him. Fast forward… he proposed in October in Louisiana and we married in May 2013 at Serra Park in Ventura, Ca which just so happens to be my favorite spot in the world.


Now you see why it’s my favorite spot? The view and weather is pure perfection pretty much all year long! I look back on this day as one of my most wonderful memories with my friends and family… Our marriage is imperfectly perfect, and I strive every day to make it better. Some days are easier than others of course, but I am loving this journey.


Caffeinatedjourney is your online destination with a fresh approach to coffee, “food for thoughts,” Paleo recipes, and the simple yet beautiful life of being happily married. 

My husband and I travel often, and we have an immense fascination with coffee and coffee shop gems and are looking forward to sharing our Caffeinatedjourney with you. This year our traveling will be in Canada, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Michigan, and California. Stay tuned for the best of their coffees…

I have many “food for thoughts” from which I hope you will find perspective and encouragement. These “food for thoughts” include my faith, how I lost my weight, money, self-care, psychology, marriage, life as a pastor’s wife, and the list continues… Feel free to leave a comment as it would be great to hear your thoughts on the subjects at hand.

Health is a huge part of my life, and to maintain my weightloss I eat Paleo which is basically fruit, nuts, grass-fed meat, and vegetables. Although I am very much a newbie to Paleo and cooking/baking, I thoroughly enjoy my adventures in my little kitchen. You can find my Paleo eats in my Recipe tab.

My goal is to tell a story about our lives in hopes to share inspiration, encouragement, laughs, recipes, and practical tips on life.

As always, thanks for reading!

Caffeinated Love,



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Cecil! Love this blog of yours! Can’t wait to see all you have to share. .. I’ll tell Melissa to check out out. Hope all is well. .. tell Aaron I said hey. Stay blessed, Michelle

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