5 Ways Women Can Refuel Daily


I’ve realized the older I get the more I feel time speeds up. Seriously. I remember the day I received my high school diploma and anticipated college as if it were yesterday. Now, I live half way across the U.S., am married, and am hitting the big 30 while adjusting to the reality of crow’s feet.

Time is consistent, neither stopping nor waiting for anyone. Before I know it, my week is over and no matter how much I do, I feel one of two ways: Tired and accomplished or tired and unaccomplished.

I forget about myself and my needs and replace them with meeting other’s needs, wants, and expectations. As women, we are often pulled in so many directions that we often find ourselves on the brink of burnout. While meeting the needs of others isn’t a bad thing, lacking within is. This spiral continues to drain us day after day, week after week, year after year.

Then it occurred to me while driving home from work with hunger pangs and a list of “to-do’s” that I don’t like this spiral! It’s not the way I want to live my life nor is it the life God intended for me. I want to live a life with purpose on purpose, but in order to do this effectively I must make myself a priority.

Whatever season of life we are in, we have many God-given qualities to offer ourselves and others, but if we aren’t feeding ourselves daily then we can’t give what we don’t have. As one professor once told me, “If you can’t be good to yourself, you can’t be good to anyone else.”

Below are 5 areas we can use to refuel. Although I must say it’s not realistic to implement all these methods every single day, I aim to do so and have found myself to be less drained and more fulfilled in life and purpose as a result of doing so.

1. Grow Your Mind. Read a blog post, a portion of a book, or a magazine. You may be interested in gardening, parenting, or cooking. Whatever topics excite you  – read up on it. As for me, I read about marriage, money, God, psychology, etc. Grow your knowledge on matters you are passionate about. Side note: Few things are more fascinating than a classy, educated woman.

2. Be with someone you love. Spending quality time (whether it be 5 minutes or an hour) with someone you love does wonders for your day. Positive relationships are imperative to our physical and mental health, and stimulate us to be better individuals. That in mind, make it a priority invest in your interpersonal relationships. We all lead busy, busy lives with so much clouding out our schedules that it’s easy to forget about the important people in our lives. Life is too short not to invest in those we love and appreciate.


3. Exercise. After a work out, have you ever wished you didn’t? Of course not! After, you feel like you can conquer the world! Do the exercises you like so you are more prone to continue to do them- whether it be palates, running, or walking. Exercising not only helps maintain weight or weight-loss, but it helps reduce stress, improve mood, boost energy…need I continue?


4. Pray. Prayer is a practical method of simply communicating and connecting with God. Maybe you can relate, but I have spent too much of my life embracing insecurity, doubt, fear, anxiety, and un- forgiveness – believing this was simply part of life. However, through my years, I’ve come to the understanding that this is not God’s purpose for me, or for you. Security, peace, confidence, forgiveness and so much more come through prayer. Spend time in daily prayer – life change and rejuvenation will follow.

5. Do Something You Love. Yes, do something you love, and the key is  not to feel guilty about not doing something else such as laundry or dishes. Whether it be reading, painting, photography, baking, or completing a dyi inspired from pinterest – do what  you love! We are beautifully and wonderfully created with lovely talents and passions. Life is a delicate span of time to work hard, but also play and seize the opportunity to do what you love.


I hope these ideas help to rejuvenated you as they have for me.

As always, thanks for reading.

Caffeinated Love,



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