Black Owl in Kalamazoo Michigan

Have you ever had a close friend you’ve been friends with for years? The kind of friend that could be described as loyal, fun and having high integrity? Well, my husband and I have been honored to have Tim (informally known as our matchmaker) as that friend in our lives.

Here is just a little flashback…

Tim and I Grad

Grad Day, Bachelors, 2007

Wedding Day, 2013

Daigle Wedding Day, 2013

It’s been an amazing journey of friendship with the 3 of us, and we are happy to have an addition to our group. We spent last weekend in Michigan to see Tim tie the knot with his lovely bride, Janell.


Lopez Wedding Day, 2014

They are an adorable couple!

So here I was on the morning of the Lopez wedding in dyer need of coffee, and of course, referred to my handy-dandy yelp app to lead me to a caffeine fix.

45 minutes later, due to my lack of following Siri’s directions, I found myself outside a trendy, artsy, and relaxed cafe tucked in downtown Kalamazoo. One of the many appealing qualities about this unconventional spot is that it was once an automotive body shop recently renovated into a modish caffeine shop.



I walked inside 2 minutes after they opened, and fell in love on the spot! There was no need to taste their coffee right away, I simply soaked in their vintage, rustic essence.  They didn’t have comfy couches or a traditional cafe set up, but what they did have set the bar higher for my future caffeinated finds.


How? Well, for starters, their baristas were incredibly friendly from the moment I walked in. It was obvious they took pride in their work, and were genuinely happy to have me there as their first time guest. Secondly, they offered five different brewing techniques. Where else would you find a place providing  various brewing techniques? Original, indeed. Thirdly, they roasted Kalamazoo coffee company beans in the same building. I don’t know how else you could get fresher coffee in a cafe than that of those who roast the beans on location.


I ordered my usual sugar free vanilla latte with almond milk. It was a disappointment to have it served without the latte art, but the quality of my drink made up for it. My latte was smooth and brewed to perfection. It was probably theee freshest, high quality coffee I have ever had.

DSCN0080 DSCN0068

I set up shop for awhile and enjoyed my morning with some devotional reading and surfing Pinterest.

Had I stayed longer, I would have totally sat outside in their cute patio.


Adorable spot, indeed.


Pros and Cons:


~ Although they serve sweet-to-the-eyes pastries like ginormous cinnamon rolls and scones, I was hoping for a few healthier breakfast options to enjoy during my stay. Instead, I left hungry. No bueno.

~ As you may know from my previous cafe stops, I am a sucker for lovely coffee art. Sadly, my latte came plain jane.


~ There is something to be appreciated when a local business takes pride in what they serve through local resources. Their baked goods are from local bakeries, and of course, their coffee is original.

~ As previously stated, the baristas were so friendly and outgoing. They treated their customers as if they were owners of the cafe, and took pleasure in the art of making coffee.

~ This picturesque, charismatic joint was fun to visit, and was definitely memorable. It was a lovely experience to simply chill and relax while doing my thing.


 As always, thanks for reading. And, of course, Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Lopez on their commitment to a beautiful journey of marriage.

Caffeinated Love,



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