Cafe Medina in Vancouver, BC Canada

There is something to say about waking up at 4AM to my mister rummaging through his luggage for his IPhone to check the time. That something is no bueno.

What was he doing up that early? Well, he did not realize the sun rises at very early hours in the North and thought it was later than it really was. Unfortunately for him, he wakes up with the rising of the sun. Fortunately for me, I can roll over and find myself in utopia.

Yup, this was our first morning waking up in a different country. Vancouver, British Columbia to be specific.

Fast forward a couple of hours, I woke up from a sensational sleep sesh and immediately checked my handy-dandy-Yelp-app for the best breakfast and coffees in town. Side note: I Heart Yelp! I found Cafe Medina sitting on 4 stars, read a few reviews, and lastly but most importantly, looked at the pics and knew this was a place our taste-buds would relish in.

So we hopped in a cab and were dropped off in the front of this very modern, crisp joint.

The first thing we saw at the entrance of this place was…


Oh how accurate this sign is. Since Cafe Medina and I have the same belief system in regards to caffeine, then naturally, I felt a kindred bond and was excited for this new caffeinated journey with my mister.

The host walked us to the back of the restaurant which had a more intimate but similar modernistic environmental setting. I immediately looked at the caffeine options on the menu, and realized I was craving one of each. It finally came down to the dark chocolate mocha or a white chocolate pistachio mocha.

…and I chose a dark chocolate mocha with almond milk with coffee art (of course).


It had a creamy, rich dark chocolate taste with the balance of almond milk and mocha coffee beans. This cup was full of sweetness and richness – just the way I like it.


Then to the breakfast… After  deeply studying the menu for what to stuff my face with, I came to the decision I would order two waffles with white chocolate pistachio rose water as a topping.


As you can tell, I halfway ingested my mocha when my delightful Belgium waffles came. The coffee alone was filling, but I was not about to forfeit devouring these delicious waffles. As I was admiring taste of my waffles, the last of my order came: a free range egg and Canadian bacon. Bring it on!


Eye Candy, right?! These waffles were hot and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The drizzle of  white chocolate pistachio rose water was sweet and savory. I would have never thought to combine those ingredients, much less over waffles as a drizzle, but it sure was a party in my mouth. The bacon was thick, glazed, and garnished with cilantro and onions.  I could not finish or else my husband would have had to roll me out, and that’s never a good idea. So I regained my self-control and sat on the fence before crossing over that fine line between being full and being gluttonous.


Here is my mister enjoying his Libanels plate which is two boiled eggs, cucumber tomato salad, baba ganoush, tabouleh, and fried pita bread. He was overly satisfied with his meal, and his only regret after leaving was that he did not get his own mocha.

So I gathered a few pros and cons for Cafe Medina.


1. Unlike the other yelpers, there was no wait for us. We walked right in. We did have our luggage with us since we were traveling to another island that evening, but it seemed to be no problem. They had us place our luggage in a spot which appeared to be designated for it near the area we were seated.

2. The food and coffee was hot, artistically presented, and exceeded my expectations in terms of taste.

3. Classy, modernistic environment with highly exceptional customer service.

4. Near downtown. We walked a couple of streets down and we were in the midst of tourists and little shops.


1. It is a bit on the pricey side, but you definitely get what you pay for.

2. I wish I could have gone back for lunch to try their Paella in their brunch menu….one day….


Caffeinated Love,


A NOTE FROM MY MISTER: The trip to this small cafe was beyond exquisite! I loved the ambiance. Beyond that, the food was divine. I always eat baba ganoush in Greek restaurants – because it makes me feel better about myself than when I eat the fried pita bread. But, it is normally a food that I would not, let’s say, crave and have to beam through traffic to obtain before the afternoon closing of a restaurant. Nonetheless, even the baba ganoush in this little shop was delightful. But most memorable was the mocha my wife selected- wow! I personally enjoy americanos with no cream or sugar, just good ol’ fashion espresso with a hint of water to smooth it out. However, when I took a taste of my sweet wife’s sweet mocha, I was instantly converted into a coffee with chocolate lover. All in all, it was a great experience, and being able to share it with a woman as wonderful as the founder of caffeinated journey made it all the more memorable and exciting. ~Aaron



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