Inside Look at the Original Starbucks

Starbucks has brought a whole new meaning to coffee through their branding, marketing, and easy- access cafes. I think it’s safe to say that across the board, we all enjoy hitting up Starbucks on the way to work, hanging out with friends or meetings, or to caffeinate for a road trip. There is something so lovely about having a hot (or cold) cup of tailored-for-you-joe with a Starbucks logo in hand.

Pricey? Yes. Over-priced, many would say. I don’t go as often as I did during my education days, but I still love my occasional venti skinni one pump vanilla latte.

That being said, one can’t tour Seattle, Washington for the first time and not make their way into the original Starbucks tucked in the heart of Pike’s Market.

Whether you are a caffeine junkie like me or not, the experience of sipping your favorite drink from this landmark is simply too enticing to pass up.

So here we are at the entrance of the Original Starbucks.

The line is out the door. No one seemed to mind the wait as we could all feel the touristy anticipation floating in the air.


 We are inside!!! We were greeted by a barista and their beautifully arranged selection of tumblers, mugs, and coffee beans.


Isn’t their selection lovely? I wanted one of each, really, but we found ourselves at the register purchasing a cup and our drinks.

Fun Fact: Since Aaron and I love coffee and travel often, we buy mugs from every state we go to. 

Here I am with this handsome mister of mine waiting for our drinks.


…..and we’re out. Couldn’t help but have him take my pic outside of the original Starbucks, and of course, being serenaded by the guitarist (on the right) was a bonus.

The space at this Starbucks is limited with no seating area, and so we found some stairs about a block away. We sat to absorb the beauty of Pike’s Market while savoring the delish, custom-made brew. Oh, and we found a cheesecake shop on the way and, naturally, couldn’t resist the cheesecake pops it had to offer!


Such a handsome man I have. 🙂

Sooo moving forward a couple days, my parents and cousins came from California to meet up with us in Seattle. Of course, I brought them to this lovely coffee boutique to absorb this charming and exciting ambiance.

DSCN0530 DSCN0529

Pros and Cons:


~ Not that this could be something to be changed, but it would have been wonderful to have a few tables and chairs in this shop to give us tourists a spot to sit and chill and enjoy this environment. I do understand, however, that this shop is pocket-sized  and this is not an option. I’m simply saying that this would have been a cherry on top.


~ They are quick with their service.

~ Customer service was exceptional. Every barista was lively, and carried conversations with the tourists.

~ I can’t say enough about the environment. There was so much excitement and anticipation in the air from us tourists, and the baristas were feeding off of it. Everyone was having a great time and living in the moment of their holiday.

~ Lastly and importantly, my SVL was pure perfection!

As always, thanks for reading!

Caffeinated Love,




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