Magpie Cafe in Baton Rouge, La

One of my favorite adventures with my husband while traveling is discovering local coffee shops. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Starbucks, but more-so I have become a huge believer in supporting great, local businesses. There is something so exciting about walking into a cute, authentic coffee shop with a fresh selection of bakery items, the blissful smell of coffee brewing, and a great seating selection. Yes, this all makes my heart happy.

So recently, my mister surprised me with a one night stay at a friend’s lake house, and then the following day spend the day in our favorite Louisiana “big” city – Baton Rouge. Normally we travel for my husband’s speaking engagements, but this was a one night getaway with just the two of us. Sometimes we just need to get a way from the craziness of schedules and house chores to simply rejuvenate and connect. You know what I mean? Well, this was one of those weekends and I was thrilled when I heard this surprise. 🙂

This was our Saturday morning view from the lake house porch.


The view is perfect, right? I think so. Definitely a quiet, relaxing view. We found ourselves enjoying some personal and couple devotional time on the dock that morning.

devotional lake

These devotional times are some of my favorite. There is something to say about quality time together with a great view. What more can one ask for?… After our very zen morning, we headed to the big city. We normally go to our fav coffee shop called “Highlands Coffees”, but this time we decided to venture out in hopes to find another local favorite.

We found Magpie Cafe!

This place was AMAZING, and by no means a disappointment. You walk in this cute little coffee house and there is a fresh, modern environment with many seating options – indoor and out. There is a large selection of yummy eats, and the workers are constantly bringing more freshly baked items out. Oh, and they offered a few paleo treats. Yes – Paleo treats! I am thrilled to find Louisiana is becoming more paleo friendly – slowly but surely.

coffee and muffin

This is my almond milk latte with my first ever Paleo chocolate avocado muffin. I am indeed a chocolate and avocado lover, but never did I think the two can go together…. In a muffin of all things! I’m now here to tell you that I am a believer of chocolate avocado muffins. It was that delish!  You must try it – there were small chunks of avocado inside with a chocolate consistency. Interesting combo, but it sure did satisfy by taste buds. Oh, and the almond milk latte was smooth and rich topped with latte art.

If this was not enough, I was on this caffeinated journey with my handsome husband. As you can see we sat outside in the very intimate, yet modern outside seating area.


The pros of of Magpie Cafe: Modern and relaxed indoor and outdoor atmosphere, wide selection of healthy and unhealthy freshly baked goodies, delish coffee choices, and great seating options.

The cons of Mapie Cafe: Although I didn’t mind the wait because we had nowhere to be, there was a long wait to order and this appeared to be the norm. Also, I think what helps a local coffee shop experience so great is there customer service, and unfortunately, there was a lack of welcome with the baristas.

Overall, this was a great experience and we will definitely be back. If you ever are in Baton Rouge, LA, check it out and let me know what you think.

As always, thanks for reading.

Caffeinated Love,



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