Sewell’s Lookout Coffee House in Vancouver, BC

Have you ever been to a coffee shop with a backyard consisting of an organic view of water, mountains, and bright blue skies with fluffy clouds?

I haven’t… until we found Sewell’s Lookout Coffee House across the street from the ferry entrance that would soon take us to Victoria Island from Vancouver City.


  After doing the tourist thing in downtown, this was a perfect spot to relax and enjoy this God-made view with my organic zen tea.


Here is my handsome mister with his latte.



 As I sat out on the patio with the view of this bright blue sky and melted snow on the mountains before me, I began to reflect on God’s love for me. It’s easy to be occupied with life’s daily responsibilities and personal setbacks thus finding ourselves forgetful of God’s boundless love and grace for each of us. Things as simple as blooming flowers and blue skies are created for our pleasure, and are one of the many ways God show us how much He loves us. When we look deep down into our insecurities and weaknesses, it is difficult to see how God cares for us. Be assured, His love for us is not based on the “scoreboard” we often have for ourselves. His love is timeless which means that He has seen our past, present, and future; nonetheless, His love for us never waivers. This reminder has given me a new perspective of His perfect love for me.



Here we are inside soaking in some reading and blogging, as well as the absolutely breathtaking panorama.


      Some pros and cons of Sewell’s Coffee House:


There was nothing extraordinary about their caffeine selection. It would have been nice to see original drinks or coffee art because, well, I am just a sucker for originality and coffee art.


First off, the view was gorgeous. I think we can all agree to that.

Great location across from the ferry entrance.

Prices are a little cheaper than Starbucks.

Overall, I enjoyed this spot. Definitely a calm and relaxing environment which was perfect as we waited for the ferry.

Caffeinated Love,



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