So I absolutely LOVE cooking and baking. There is something to say about creating a healthy dish or sweet treat for my mister and me to enjoy together.

The passion for making delicious goodies in the kitchen is my “new thang”.

Up until recently, I was a little intimidated by the kitchen. You may ask “why?” Well, honestly, I’m not sure. Maybe it was the measurements or the fear of burning a dish in the oven or that the dish I made would be an epic fail or maybe the combination of all three.

Fast forward when I moved to the South. I remember walking into the kitchen in my new apartment in a new state, and I knew that my days of avoiding the kitchen came to a screeching halt. So there I was looking up easy, healthy recipes on Pinterest, and gaining some ground in this new territory.

Fear of cooking and baking was slowly-but-surely replaced with confidence…. and then came Love for this daily art.

So here I am… sharing with you my recipes along with the recipes of others I’ve tried (of course, with their permission). Although I’m still very much a recipe newbie, I would be happy for you to join me with your favorite cup of joe in search for delightful Paleo eats made in our kitchens.

Caffeinated Love,



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